Photo of Mark Duiker

I'm Mark Duiker,
a digital designer.

My core disciplines are:
web design, digital product design, user experience design, illustration, 2D game art and front-end web development.


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Welcome! Please enjoy my digital design porfolio.

NHL Live Game Stats tool

Design and front-end development.
I am currently designing and developing a tool to display live data for any NHL game. (January 2018).

Kids Help Phone's Digital detox: How to unplug and recharge infographic

Visual design and illustration.
(November 2017).

Kids Help Phone's 9 tips for difficult conversations with teachers infographic

Visual design and illustration.
I developed the design for this infographic that Kids Help Phone launched on World Teachers Day (October 2017).

Kids Help Phone's Bullying Incident Report tool

UX and visual design.

This single page web app is multi-lingual, keyboard and screen reader accessible and fully responsive. It makes use of the jsPDF library to dynamically generate a PDF report at the end of the experience. (September 2017).

Kids Help Phone's Resources Around Me tool

User interface design and front-end development of a map-based search for youth programs in Canada.

This multilingual and responsive tool utilizes geolocation and Html5 local storage to provide a simple and quick mobile search experience. (May  2016)

Kids Help Phone's The Ascent game

I developed the game design, game art, user interface & engine for this mobile co-operative puzzle platformer game using the HTML5 phaser.js game framework. (October 2015)

Kids Help Phone's Have You Got the Green Light? infographic

Visual design. (October 2015)

Kids Help Phone's Pic'd game

I designed the user experience and interface for this branching narrative mobile game. I also developed the engine from scratch in html. (February 2015)

Kids Help Phone's Wheel Rounded game

Art & graphic design, game design & development. (October 2013)

My alternate Android logo

I think my alternate Android logo suits the dessert themed OS quite well. (September 2013)

Kids Help Phone 2013 Walk So Kids Can Talk website

Responsive design, Custom JS lightbox displaying Facebook album photos, Wordpress, and Artez fundraising platform theming. (January 2013)

Kids Help Phone's Feeling Forensics quiz game

Art & graphic design, game design & development. (October 2012)

Kids Help Phone's Peace Garden activity

Art, graphic design & development. (2011)

Earth Ranger's Bring Back the Wild avatars

Illustration and optimization. (2010)'s McDonald's Active Adventures game

Art, graphic design & animation. (2007)'s Pringles Powerplay game

Art, graphic design & development. (2007)'s Tacky Toads golf game

Art & graphic design, game design & development. (2006)'s Gamepad logos

Discovery and design.